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According to Jay Krishnan, Bitcoin has failed due to $20 fees. Except that since December, for over 9 months, the median...
23 hours from now
4 min read
With my last couple of articles, I’ve taken the discussion away from price and volume, as I wanted to focus on the underlying...
19 hours from now
19 min read
The valuation of the crypto market has dropped from $205 billion to $199 billion, as Bitcoin dropped below the $6,500 mark...
17 hours from now
4 min read
Two EOS gambling platforms have been hit by hackers, losing a combined $260,000 over the course of multiple security breaches...
15 hours from now
4 min read
A $720 million bitcoin whale has woken up after four years, with $100 million moved to Bitfinex and Binance over the course...
20 hours from now
4 min read
On my latest couple of articles I’ve been kind of focused on Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain. I discussed...
7 hours from now
22 min read
Fundstrat, a Wall Street-based investment firm led by Tom Lee, reported that the hashpower of Bitcoin has doubled since May...
6 hours from now
4 min read
Williams %R, a technical oscillator that demonstrates oversold or overbought conditions of an asset, is demonstrating oversold...
an hour from now
4 min read
Bitcoin on Friday broke above its psychological resistance level near $6,500 and formed higher highs towards $6,600.
9 hours ago
3 min read
Ethereum researcher Vlad Zamfir created the first successful proof-of-concept of two-layer scaling solution sharding with...
22 hours ago
4 min read
Cryptocurrency investing app Abra has added native support for bitcoin cash (BCH), winning it support from owner...
17 hours ago
3 min read
A top executive at one of the oldest and largest cryptocurrency payment processors said that he firmly expects bitcoin to...
17 hours ago
2 min read
Earlier this week, the crypto market seemed to be initiating a strong corrective rally, as Bitcoin breezed past $6,500. But...
7 hours ago
2 min read
The prime suspect in Thailand’s multi-million dollar bitcoin fraud case now only has a few days to make plans for his surrender...
19 hours ago
3 min read
ETH, the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, has surged by more than 16 percent overnight, rebounding $224 as crypto market...
21 hours ago
4 min read