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Stronghold, a cryptocurrency trading platform housed by Stellar, is launching a stablecoin on its parent network’s blockchain...
Colin Harper, 8 hours ago
5 min read
It's official — the new chief executive of Goldman Sachs will be the firm's current chief operating officer David Soloman...
Billy Bambrough, 14 hours ago
3 min read
The bitcoin price — which has been under significant pressure in recent months — has managed to maintain support despite...
Billy Bambrough, 19 hours ago
2 min read
The FSB is headed by Bank of England governor, and bitcoin and crypto sceptic, Mark Carney...
Billy Bambrough, 17 hours ago
4 min read
Houston is set to get its own oil futures, a sign of the city’s growing importance as the U.S. sends more crude abroad.
Stephanie Yang, 17 hours ago
1 min read
Litecoin (LTC) creator Charlie Lee has advised cryptocurrency investors to buy Bitcoin (BTC) before any other asset - including...
7 hours ago
3 min read
Litecoin (LTC)–Litecoin creator, managing director of the Litecoin Foundation, and frequent media figure Charlie Lee has...
9 hours ago
The odds seem to favor a higher bitcoin price. Low could be $3,410, but average cost of mining and fair value based on transaction...
Michael Bryant, 13 hours ago
20 min read
CFA Institute, with over 150,000 members, is adding cryptocurrency topics to its curriculum for the first time. The course...
16 hours ago
3 min read
Bitmain, the biggest crypto miner and Asics manufacturer, has forked Omni Layer into a Wormhole protocol to provide the same...
12 hours ago
3 min read
The bitcoin price has just jumped over the $7,000 mark for the first time in over a month following an incredible week for...
Billy Bambrough, 9 hours ago
5 min read
Bitcoin is moving up, and it’s taking 99 of its best friends along for the ride. In the last 24 hours, every one of the top...
6 hours ago
3 min read
How secure are mobile wallets compared to desktops or hardware wallets? How easy is it for each type of device to be compromised...
9 hours ago
1 min read
Bitcoin price has skyrocketed on Tuesday’s evening trading session, making upward gains to peak at $7,483. The price of bitcoin...
8 hours ago
1 min read